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Nothingness - The Hollow Gaze of Death (USA), CD

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Official reissue of the debut full-length, originally released in 2019, by this U.S. band. Based in Minneapolis, Nothingness spew forth a brand of Death Metal that features crushing Death/Doom Metal sections that help build up a tense atmosphere, with a permanent focus on -and reverence to- the riff, and including a wide array of influences, such as Morbid Angel, Spectral Voice, Justin Broadrick, Rippikoulu, Incantation, Convulsing, Winterfylleth, Primitive Man, Suffocation and Profanatica. Aiming for universal heaviness filtered through the lens of Death Metal, and performed with respect for the history of extreme music, Nothingness are on a mission to forge a sound rooted in the ancient ways, yet also embracing more recent takes and experimentations; a sound that doesn´t need to be defined by rigid genres, whose only goal is to be honest and heavy, and honestly just heavy. If anything, Nothingness is Death.


1. A Cycle Unending 05:50    
2. Abyssal Woe 04:21    
3. Iced over Ash 05:37    
4. The Wretched Ground Beckons 05:52    
5. Wickedness in Purity 05:28    
6. Adorned with a Crown of Contempt 04:57    
7. Timeless Menace 05:12    

Total 37:17

Memento Mori

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Death Metal