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Staplecunt - Puke Ecstasy (Mex), CD

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OFR extreme metal sublabel Aghori Whipstrike proudly presents the debut album of Porno Deathgrind band Staplecunt „Puke Ecstasy“. Featuring the musical talents of Septic Autopsy and the vocal performance of Hagen Verkhaner (Scatmother, Citalopram Shunyata etc), Staplecunt offers varied guitar work, hammering drums and classic Porngrind feel. Despite being firmly rooted in the genre, Staplecunt aims to have its own identity and offer a somewhat grim and genuinely fanatic approach as opposed to the goofy and oftentimes low effort works of some nowadays Grindbands. „Puke Ecstasy“ is the result of some years of discussing concepts, test recordings and tweaking the final mix just right to suit the vision of those involved. Artwork dedicated to Fetish Japanese Adult Video, drowning the listener in waterfalls of sexualised vomit.

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