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Necronomicon - Necronomicon, 1986 (Ger), CD

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The debut album from 1984, is by many fans still regarded as one the greatest German Thrash Metal records in history. KREATOR, DESTRUCTION and SODOM. Yes, all three are German Thrash Metal legends. Kreator and Sodom have never been away and Destruction are currently also going from strength to strength again after a few break-ups, line-up changes and re-unions. So far, so good. But what about a band called Necronomicon? Never heard of them? Well, life could have been so much different. If, yes, if Necronomicon had had the same luck as the above mentioned three in signing a deal with one of the prominent German labels in the mid-?80?s. But instead of securing a deal with Steamhammer (like Sodom and Destruction), Noise (Kreator) or even Roadrunner, Necronomicon ended up with an obscure label that drove them to a dead end. Simply mandatory for all you Teutonic Thrash maniacs!


1. Dark Land 06:48  
2. Possessed by Evil 04:21
3. Bloody Revenge 03:49  
4. Insanity 03:03  
5. Blind Destruction 03:53  
6. Hades Invasion 04:34  
7. Magic Forest 05:49  
8. Iron Charm 05:40  

Total 37:57

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Thrash Metal