Vengeance Sorcery - In Oath to Torment, Unrelenting... (USA), CD

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1. My Dark Fascinations and Lust     
2. Won't You Come to Burn (in Torment)     
3. I Hold the Keys to Death     
4. Witchdance Rising     
5. Entranced by 13 Beasts and Occult Visions     
6. Bleeding Sky (Barathrum cover)     
7. Abyss Realms of Time and Mind     
8. If None Will Call the Devil's Blood...     
9. My Soul Catapults the Depth     
10. Witches Burn upon the Path (You Bid Me Pleasure)     
11. Boundless Arts / The Darkness Has Landed (Barathrum cover)     
12. She Spoke a Call to True Hellfire Burning     
13. Forbidden Doctrine of the Youthful Gate     
14. My Word Arise Your Flame and Stars     
15. Seeing You as Smoke in Eerie Night     
16. Sähttän Juoiggus (Barathrum cover)     
17. Christ Depart You Through My Gaze     
18. Stirred in Cauldron Rotten Brood     
19. Shade of Darkness Casting...     
20. Power Churns Below the Light     
21. Eternal Woman (Hell of Your Love) (Ride for Revenge cover)     
22. You Will Be Killed (It Once Was Carved in Stone)

Tracks 1-6 are taken from "Witchdance Rising" demo (2019);
Tracks 7-11 are taken from "If None Will Call the Devil's Blood..." demo (2019);
Tracks 12-16 are taken from "Forbidden Doctrine of the Youthful Gate" demo (2019);
Tracks 17-22 are taken from "Shade of Darkness Casting..." demo (2020).

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