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Sequestered Keep - Era 2 (USA), Digipack 3CD

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“Might of An Ancient Tale”
01 Chain Flail War Ritual
02 In My Medieval Dreams
03 Lost in Barbarian Forest
04 Moot of the Odd Knights
05 Balgruf’s Lament
06 Empyral Flame of Mountain’s Dawn
07 Under An Unfamiliar Moon
08 Roundtower Barrows
09 Dragons of Lore

“Dawn of Battle”
01 The Silent Call of Hidden Paths
02 Into A Grim Forest Battle
03 Tattered Banners Across the Fields of Thousands-Slain
04 Parapet Wizard
05 On Midnightwinds Nine Dragons Ride
06 When the Sword Was Lord
07 Secret Chambers of My Castle Soul
08 Upon Its Hilt A Shining Light

01 Journeys Through Dark Lands
02 Within the Old Forest Lies A Sword of Mythic Steel
03 Clouds Are the Souls of Fallen Dragons
04 My Spell of Storming Castle Magic
05 On the Road to Far Away
06 Sacred Stone and Satyrsong
07 Of Goblin Gold in Tunnels Deep
08 The Search for Secret Things

“Magic Amidst the Falling Leaves”
01 Distant Strongholds
02 Fall Forest Shade
03 Old Magic Ruins
04 Golden Leaves
05 Wizardwindwanderer

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