Sodomy From Beyond - Reign Of Obscenity (Mex), CD Bag

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Mexican PE in its most vile and death-obsessed form! Sodomy from Beyond has been releasing a constant flow of great solo tapes and splits and presents its first full-length CD on OFR. Creepingly atmospheric but always brutal compositions with a very genuine feeling for depravitiy and necrophilia make „Reign of Obscenity“ a great experience for PE and Post-Mortem fans alike. Comes in diy OFR style packaging with 8 page booklet with visuals similar to the MUERTA VIOLENTA series which the artist is responsible for.

Limited to 100


1. Blue Meat Fetishist 

2. Last Night In Your Eyes 

3. Chained Whore 

4. Delusion 

5. Suck It Till Die 

6. Reign Of Obscenity

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