Kratherion - Mantra, Lucifer, Flagelantes (Chl), CD

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Old Temple proudly present the next representative of metal scene from Chile. From the deepest limbo of hell come bestial sounds of black / death metal KRATHERION. Crushing cross, being blasphemous blow in a shroud of Christ “Mantra Lucifer Flagelantes” will satisfy the dark desires of fans of underground metal. Nine obsessed songs full of black magic, the occult, esoteric, cult of death – destruction of the spirit – decay of body and hatred for mass religion. Album released in a standard case. Graphics and design Vilu. All copies are hand numbered.


1. Death Kult Church Omega 05:51 

2. Liturgia bubónica infame 03:02 

3. Necrópolis natal 05:39 

4. Agonía dantesca y macabra 05:59 

5. Coito Sigilum Diaboli 04:21 

6. Combustión espontánea del Espíritu Santo 05:11 

7. Mantra Lucifer Flagelantes 03:03 

8. Vuelo nocturno 06:08 

9. Fornica Vulgata 02:00 

Total 41:14

Old Temple

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