Damnatory - The Complete Discography, 1991-2003 (Swi), CD

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A CD that compiles the body of work of this old, obscure Swiss Death Metal band. "The Complete Disgoregraphy 1991-2003" features the "The Persistence of Archaic Dogma..." demo (1991), the "In My Darkest Vision..." promo (1991), the "Hybridized Deformity" EP (1992), the "Docta Ignorantia" EP (1993) and the "The Second Side of the Coin..." demo (2003). To depict Damnatory´s own brand of Death Metal ain´t no simple task, for it encapsulates a number of different features and influences, namely the grinding brutality of early Pungent Stench, the fondness for intricacy of early Disharmonic Orchestra, the rawness and the filth of early Grave, and the uncanniness of Mangled Torsos, molding a Death Metal mongrel that bounces back and forth from sick tremolo-picked riffs, to thrashy headbanging sections and to slow, doomish passages. The casket has yet again been opened for all zealots of the early 90´s undeground Death Metal to inhale the odor of the lifeless ones! All songs restored and mastered by Patrick Engel (of Hatespawn fame) at Temple of Disharmony, Germany. Artwork and layout by Marco Gemmet, the band´s vocalist on the 1992 EP and the 2003 demo.


1. Docta Ignorantia / Ubiquitous Antagonist   

2. Perpetual Mental Immunity   

3. Entomological Disease   

4. The Ogre (Part II)   

5. Introitus   

6. A Rest Cure   

7. Blackjack   

8. Mad World   

9. A Patriotism Motive   

10. Postludium   

11. Hybridized Deformity   

12. Blackjack   

13. The Involuntary Donation   

14. Unauthorized Interference   

15. Embryonic Diary   

16. Intro 1   

17. Obloquy   

18. Intro 2   

19. Eugenic Breed

Memento Mori

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