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Wombbath - Internal Caustic Torments, 1993 (Swe), CD

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One of Swedish Death Metal's most overlooked morbid-assembly WOMBBATH celebrates their 20-year old debut album "Internal Caustic Torments" with the most absolute reissue to date!

Consisting of both the "Brutal Mights" Demo and "Several Shapes" EP and also as an exclusive treat for the true maniacs, a completely re-recorded track entitled "20:13 Silence Unveiled" (previously titled "As Silent As The Grave") has been revived, locked and set forever in WOMBBATH history with modern production courtesy of Carnal Forge axeman Petri Kuusisto's SoundPeaQ Studio, Sweden.

With a further sonic remastering treatment by Unisound Studio helmer Dan Swanö, "Internal Caustic Torments" is definitely the most unprecedented piece of cult Swedish masterpiece that screams 'Classic Death Metal' from start to finish. For fans of early Gorguts, Malevolent Creation, Suffocation, etc!

1. Prevent Anemia 05:01

2. Intestinal Bleeding 04:48

3. A Silent as the Grave 03:55

4. Corporal Punishment 05:07

5. Performed in Depth 03:54

6. Conceal Interior Torments 06:39

7. Beyond the Gloomy 04:32

8. Abandon 02:15

9. Several Shapes 04:10

10. Beyond the Gloomy 04:29

11. Brutal Mights 03:42

12. Tales from the Darkside 03:50

13. Unholy Madness 04:01

14. Intro 01:03

15. Several Shapes 04:08

16. Corporal Punishment 05:13

17. Beyond the Gloomy (Unreleased Version) 04:30

18. 20:13 Silence Unveiled 04:59  

Total 01:16:16

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