Obtruncation - Sanctum Disruption, Sphere of the Rotting, 1991 (Hol), CD

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The album ‘Sanctum Disruption, Sphere of the Rotting’ contains the two heaviest and most brutal Dutch death metal demos ever. Especially their second demo ‘Sphere of the Rotting’ is in the world wide death metal underground highly acclaimed as one of the most extreme demos ever. This six track demo was recorded at Het Pand in 1992 with Frits van Mourik  (Phlebotomized, Threnody, Lair of Golgotha). The booklet comes with extensive liner notes and many rare pictures. The debut demo ‘Sanctum’s Disruption’ (1991) is restored and remixed, the second demo is fully remastered. Also included is one never released track from the second demo sessions and a live track.


1. The Initiation    

2. Aroused by the Deceased   

3. Sanctum's Disruption   

4. Witch from Akyrz   

5. Pernicious Saviour   

6. Church of Delusion    

7. Witch from Akyrz   

8. Mutual Hatred   

9. Things That Were and Shall Be Again   

10. Obtruncation   

11. Repudiated Angel   

12. Aroused by the Deceased (live) 

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