Krhomadeath - Grating Into Corpse + Poster, 1994 (Fra), CD

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In 1994, French Death Metallers KRHOMADEATH released their only full-length CD via Crypta Records (Gorement, Chemical Breath, Amboss...) “Grating into Corpse” is nowadays one of the most rare and wanted item. The re-issue contains the original album plus 2 bonus tracks and has been remastered for the best possible sound experience, also new amazing layout including lots of old band photos. You can expect nothing but pure and genuine Death metal in the 90’s style, highly recommended for fans of : 



1. Spirit Era 04:53  

2. Creep in Blood 03:48  

3. Desire and Fright to Know 03:44  

4. Ultimate Breath 02:55  

5. Evil Ghost 04:12  

6. Mystic Procession 01:33  

7. Dead Surrounding You 02:17  

8. Unworthy to Live 05:48  

9. Shred of Flesh 04:00  

10. Always Ghouls in Your Mind 04:42  

11. Real Vision of Chaos  04:16  

12. The Sexton's Rap  02:48  

Total 44:56

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