Infernäl Mäjesty - Unholier Than Thou + Live, 1998 (Can), CD

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Guitar and drum tracks recorded at Reaction Studio in Toronto by Scott Burns. Vocals and bass tracks recorded at Signa lto Noise Studios in Toronto by Rob Sanzo. Mixed at Studio Victor in Montreal by Pierre Rémillard. Mastered in Future Disk in Los Angeles by Tom Baker.

1. Unholier than Thou     

2. The Hunted     

3. Gone the Way of All Flesh     

4. Black Infernal World     

5. Roman Song     

6. Where Is Your God     

7. Death Roll     

8. The Art of War     

9. Birth of Power & Unholier Than Thou    

10. Where Is Your God    

11. R.I.P. & Night of the Living Dead    

12. The Hunted    

13. S.O.S. 

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