Dusk - ... Majestic Thou in Ruin, 1995 (USA), CD

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The next official CD release on DARK SYMPHONIES / THE CRYPT will be from Wisconsin based Doom/Death act DUSK! We've decided after speaking with the original band members to go for the cream of the crop and include only the band's prime material! This amazing CD will feature the band's long out of print self titled "Dusk" self titled debut and their equally amazing 1995 sophomore masterpiece "...Majestic Thou in Ruin".

This CD features the original Self Titled album Cover art by Caspar David Friedrich, as well as lyrics, new liner notes, exclusive band photos and original layout elements designed after the original CDs with attention to detail, even down to the logo and typeface for a touch of nostalgia.

Limited to 1000 copies each worldwide!


1. Envision The Terror

2. Element Of Symmetry

3. Begotten Interlude

4. Dreamscape

5. Consigned To Oblivion

6. Mourning Shadow

7. ...Majestic Thou In Ruin

8. Paled

9. Thy Bitter Woe

10. The Transfiguration (And It Was So) 

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