Anatomy - Twisting Depths of Horror + Demos Official, 1993 (Aus), CD

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DARK SYMPHONIES / THE CRYPT is proud to announce our cooperation with legendary Australian black / death metal act ANATOMY, to release their long OOP classic 1993 EP "Twisting Depths of Horror" along with their early demos "Dark Religion" from 1991, "For Those Whose Eyes Are Black" from 1992, plus an unreleased bonus studio track from 1995 "Under the Wings". Anatomy comes from a time when music had spirit and feeling. Recorded Reel-to-Reel in The Abyss, capturing their audible sinister energy and the reverberation from hell. Pure Dark Death Metal! Original Chris -Thorncross- Moyen cover art from 1993 and as well as Thorncross' The Fall artwork from 2006, as well as lyrics, new liner notes, tons of exclusive band photos and original layout elements designed after the original Dark Oceans CD with attention to detail, even down to the logo and typeface for a touch of nostalgia. 


1. For a Darkened Soul 01:22  

2. Twisting Depths of Horror 03:53  

3. A Scream of Seven 04:32  

4. Burial of Armenia - Intro - 00:33  

5. Nucleus Eclipse Torn Abyss 05:07  

6. Arrogance Within Humanity 04:27  

7. Intro - Divine Comedy  02:15  

8. Mortal Graved  03:29  

9. Yesteryear Restoration  04:21  

10. Dark Religion  04:05  

11. Reincarnate  03:34  

12. Carrion of Jesus  02:58  

13. Burial of Armenia / Nucleus Eclipse Torn Abyss  05:23  

14. Arrogance Within Humanity  04:11  

15. Fallen Inverted Destiny  03:06  

16. Forbidden Realms  03:10  

17. Under the Wings    

Total 56:26

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Death Metal