Worship - Last CD Before Doomsday (Ger), CD

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Re-issue of French/Gereman growling melancholic doom band's 1st demo. This version is including "Keep on Selling Cocaine to Angels" which was originally released on split 7" with AG. Extremely simple and slow rythm, sorrowful guitar melodies, hysteric low growling vocals unleashing his own pain from the depth of soul. The most strong point of their music is well-constructed songs with catchy melodies. Unfortunately the drummer/vocalist Max(he played drum after 1st demo) had already died, but Daniel found new members and keep the flame of doom. 


1. Whispering Gloom 11:53

2. Solicide and the Dawning of the Moonkult 10:59

3. Eclipse of Sorrow 08:18

4. Worship 15:23

5. Keep on Selling Cocaine to Angels 08:32

Total 55:05

Weird Truth

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Funeral Doom