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Adramelech - Pure Blood Doom (Fin), LP

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At last after 22 years! Adramelech’s rarest recording finally on vinyl, comes on 180 grams heavy vinyl, a remastered sound fit for the vinyl listening, and full color cover redone by TG Rantanen who originally drew the cover.


A1 Centuries Of Murder 4:19
A2 Thule 4:47
A3 Abomination 459 4:13
A4 Season Of The Predator 4:10
B1 Thingstead 3:00
B2 Lord Of The Red Land 3:44
B3 Evercursed 3:58
B4 The Book Of The Black Earth 4:12
B5 Spawn Of The Suffering 5:13

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Death Metal