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Dolentia/Satanize - Lithurgic Destruction (Live in Newcastle), EP

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DOLENTIA and SATANIZE made two UK dates last year, and this split Ep was carved to mark the occasion. "Liturgic Destruction - Live in Newcastle" was recorded at Kings Manor, Newcastle upon Tyne, in October 22nd, 2011, during a savage performance of both bands. The night started with a Unkerd Wood concert, a obscure ritualistic band, followed by Rife, that delivered an extreme and raw black/doom set. DOLENTIA and SATANIZE played afterwards, presenting a set including some new songs from their upcoming albums ("Sob a Égide das Sombras" and "Holy Destruction Ritual"), in front of a small but wild crowd. Limited to 250 copies, the ep is co-released with Legion Blotan, the label behind these two UK dates.

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