Mutilated - In Memoriam (Fra), 2LP

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This release is a highly recommended gem for all fans of rotten extreme metal ov death from the early beginnings... MUTILATED was a french Death Metal band, founded 1987 in Bourg-en-Bresse/Rhône-Alpes. After two demo cassettes "Psychodeath Lunatics" (1987) and "Resurrected" (1991), the band splitted up in 1993 after playing their last ritual on 17th April 1993 in Verdalle. MUTILATED left a true rotten tomb that has mighty evil melodies of death inside... With "In Memoriam", the band present Live and rehearsal recordings from 1988-1993, plus two unreleased tracks from a 7" ... Two heavy vinyls, heavy gatefold, a wonderful history of their existence... Enjoy it.


1. Cabalistic Cryptograms  

2. Disincarnate Souls  

3. Funeral Slumber  

4. Tormented Creation  

5. Al-Azif  

6. Millenium Altar  

7. Sorcery  

8. Graves of Rebirth  

9. Evil Scriptures  

10. Evil Scriptures  

11. Intro  

12. Tormented Creation  

13. Sorcery  

14. Millenium Altar  

15. The Crown of Death  

16. Funeral Slumber  

17. Evil Scriptures  

18. Graves of Rebirth  

19. Tormented Creation  

20. The Crown of Death  

21. Evil Scriptures  

22. Tormented Creation  

23. Evil Scriptures 

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