Anatta - Untitled (Ger), Tape

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Noble Black Cassettewith silver on-body print and j-card. Limited to 100.

Dunkelheit Produktionen presents the re-release of the 2019 debut Material of obscure underground project Anatta. Waves of radiant Bliss for acquired tastes.

Being founded in Years of Study and Practice, Anatta is more than just sound- it's a sonic Manifestation of transcendental Energy and Yearning for Henosis. As opposed to the superficial Usage of shallow Imagery which is so prominent in the Underground Music Industry, this project represents ancient Paths of Dharma and Gnosis without juvenile Provocation. Only Dedication.

The sound itself can only be described as skillfully varied, deep and meditative. Combining the tastiest aspects of Drone, Ambient, Ritual and Industrial, Anatta manages to entice the listener in many ways, always presenting something new and fresh. For fans of Phurpa, Haare, Anemone Tube...