Culver/Schalken - Hallucinated Sky, Tape

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The second collaboration between these two (the first tape on AWWFN was a split release) sees Schalken taking the driving seat, his esoteric, obtuse tones perched above Culver's trademark crumbling stasis.

As with anything by either of these guys, this is very atmospheric and Schalken has an ability like no other to create hauntingly disparate compositions that kinda defy traditional structure yet remain completely engrossing and listenable.

As ever, these guys will almost certainly remain totally underground and only the few with open ears shall be privy to their occult secrets. Beware!


A1     Tragic Theodicy     
A2     A Brutal Entreaty     
A3     Physical Corruption Of Energy Spectres     
B1     A Prelude To Ritual     
B2     The Mortal Disorder     
B3     The Forest Closed In

Technische Daten

Ritual, Industrial, Ambient