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Voidkosm - Deathvocation, Tape

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East-German Black / Death Metal horde VOIDKOSM unleashes its first emanation entitled „Deathvocation“. In its roughly 20 minutes of playtime, this demo presents more atmosphere, heavy riffing and quality than many may manage to achieve in an entire full-length album.

Stylistically, Voidkosm is situated somewhere between a very traditional interpretation of Blackened Death Metal and a more modern and innovative approach. The guttural vocals and brutal yet melodical riffing could remind the attentive listener of bands like Unaussprechlichen Kulten and the pounding drum beats evoke a sense of occult brutality, which should please even the most critical fan. A true standout feature of Voidkosm is the musical diversity. Acoustic parts interact with atmospheric soundscapes, which rapidly change to brutal Death Metal with crisp production that makes the sounds stick out clearly while still maintaining an old school analogue feel and the guttural vocal work is nothing short of demonic. Highly recommended to all fans of Death Black and Metal music as a whole!


1. Nuclear Deathspell 07:55
2. Deathvocation 01:50
3. From The Semen Of Belial 09:09

18:54 Minutes

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