Ice Golem - II: Cave Of The Eternal Flamespear, Tape

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After a hard-fought victory against the Ice Golem, he has been resurrected by the Elder Frost Magicians, now twice as powerful as he once was. But, ancient scrolls foretold of a mystical Flamespear in a cave to the South that is capable of defeating the now-twice-as-strong-as-before Ice Golem. Will our heroes be able to acquire the mystical Flamespear and defeat the Ice Golem once and for all?
Inspired by classic Sega Genesis soundtracks.


A1 Entering The Cave (Adventure Start)
A2 Searching For The Flamespear
A3 Goblins Momentarily Halt Your Search
A4 The Altar Of The Eternal Flamespear...Unguarded?
A5 Flamespear Acquired!
A6 What Was That?
A7 Oh. A Giant Boulder Rolling Toward Us. Run!!!
A8 Cave Spiders Appear From The Shadows
B9 Let's Get Out Of Here
B10 The Cave Guardian Appears And Blocks Your Exit/Final Battle
B11 You Win!!!
B12 Rest Well, Heroes, For Your Adventure Is Not Yet Over (Pleasant Dreams)

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