Caoranach - Dòigh Nàdair (USA), Tape

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Caoranach released some of our favorite material during the 2nd wave 'dungeon synth' rebirth (~2010-2015) when no one aside from a diehard handful cared about this kind of music. 

As a result, we felt it was essential to reissue these demos for a wider release. This tape collects the "Damh Geal" and "Drùidheachd de a' Each​-​uisge" demo tapes, originally released in 2013 and 2015, respectively. 

All material was recently remixed and remastered for this collection. 14 tracks in all.


"Damh Geal"

A1 Aes Sídhe

A2 Bradán Feasa

A3 Freagairt Bean Sidhe Ar

A4 Tír Na nÓg

A5 Loch Deirgeirt

A6 Dìoghaltas Do Caoranach

"Drùidheachd De A' Each-Uisge"

B7 Dùisg, Aidhbhsean Bànrigh

B8 Draoidh Lùbhrach

B9 Awran E Ceileadh

B10 Bàs Sìthiche

B11 Táin Bó Flidhais

B12 Til Dhi Loch Deirgeirt

B13 A Corraich (Sìor Mair Caoranach)

B14 Icovellauna

Technische Daten

Dungeon Synth