Black Pestilence - Vice (Can), Tape

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Black Pestilence was formed in early 2008 by Valax as a representation of urban chaos. It reflects inner turmoil within the city sector directly caused by exterior forces, especially organized religion. It emphasizes the demise of all religion and supports a humanistic approach in the progression of mankind. The project supports the sudden change of various ideologies in a failing social structure.

Vice has been described as “black metal built on punk and noise.”

Track List

1 - Liberty Chants the Scriptures of Satan

2 - Vomit Upon the Scum of Society

3 - The Unworthy

4 - Desirable Calamity

5 - Eternal

6 - Antipathy for Otiose Flesh

7 - Raping the Brides of Christ

8 - Revenge Ayn Sof

9 - For The Punx

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Black Metal