Grave - Extremely Rotten Live (Swe), Tape

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Condition: Perfect (Original Metal Mind Productions tape from the 90's)

Recorded Live Sep 21st & 22nd 1996 at the Showcase Theatre Corona CA USA

Recording Engineer: Paul Marr, Assistant Engineer: Tim Yasui

Live Sound Engineer: Roy/Spectrum Sound


1.Extremely Rotten Flesh 04:55

2.Turning Black 04:05

3.Restrained 03:35

4.Winternight 02:50

5.Haunted 03:44

6.Two of Me 02:25

7.Hating Life 03:03

8.You'll Never See 05:08

9.Lovesong 02:51

10.Sorrowfilled Moon 03:58

11.Rain 03:33

12.Soulless 02:52

13.And Here I Die... (Satisfied) 04:23

14.Into the Grave 04:03

15.Reborn Miscarriage 04:22  

Total: 55:47 Minutes

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Black Metal