Scatmother/Chaos Cascade - The Insignificance Of Human Life, Ltd. 200 (Handnumbered) (Ger), CD

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Noble Jewelcase Edition with 8-Page Booklet
• Ltd. 200, Handnumbered

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Scatmother and Chaos Cascade do it again! 4 years after they unleashed their first Act of Noise Terrorism, these two Tyrants of German Brutality return with "The Insignificance of Human Life". No Introduction and Explanation is needed- expect nothing but Fierceness and Chaos.

Scatmother analyses the profane Aspects of worldly Nihilism. Self-Hatred, Drug Addiction, Self-harm and Harakiri - Worship of Death and Demise. The Compositions are based on a Harsh Crunch reminiscent of Acts like Vomir, Werewolf Jerusalem and the early Days of Filth and Violence, while staying faithful to the ever-expanding Formula of Harsh Noise Power Electronics that defines Scatmother.

After the initial Exercise in suicidal Grimness, Realms of Cosmic Horror unfold and Chaos Cascade takes over. Black Waves of Distortion and Feedback narrated by demonic Vocals , the Sonic Equivalent of Faceless Lovecraftian Entities determined on total Annihilation. The Tracks are a Tad more unhinged than the ones featured on the previous Side, but are still grounded on classic analogue PE virtues.

"The Insignificance of Human Life" is not your nowadays Hipster- and liberal University compatible good Boy "Noise" supporting the current Trend. It is another work of Ugliness and Spite intended for the very few

All music by Scatmother and Chaos Cascade. Mastering by A. Crispin. Graphic design by J.S. Executive Production by Dunkelheit Produktionen, 2023. All Rights reserved.


1 Scatmother– Pixie Dust (Never Turn Old) 5:14
2 Scatmother– Your Own Funeral 4:09
3 Scatmother– Scraps Of Demise 4:45
4 Scatmother– Female Suicide Sequence 4:54
5 Chaos Cascade– BHIOXESZ 5:04
6 Chaos Cascade– YIXETHRILBH 7:53
7 Chaos Cascade– VHYCTA 3:39

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Power Electronics/Noise