Samael - Live in Dark (Swi), CD

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A release with very rare recordings from old but not forgotten times of evil ! Swiss SAMAEL's "Medieval Prohecy" EP (October 1988), "From Dark to Black" Promo Tape (End of 1989) and "Live 1991", pressed one CD.


"Medeival Prophecy", EP

1. Into The Pentagram

2. The Dark

3. The Third Of The Storms (HELLHAMMER)


"From Dark To Black Promo", 1989

4. Morbid Metal

5. Knowledge Of The Ancient Kingdom

"Live", 1991

6. Rite Of Cthulu

7. The Dark

8. Into The Pentagram

9. Morbid Metal

10. Knowledge Of The Ancient Kingdom

11. Worship Him

12. The Black Face

13. Bestial Devotion 

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Black Metal