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Ens Imperfectissimum - Illuminate E Aelimitate, Digipack CD

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We are part of the whole. As it is above, it is below and as it is on one side, it is on the other. There are no tangent divisions like those proposed by Occidentalism. We are reinterpretations, apparitions, experiences, elementals, experiences, deities, living and dead. ¿
Doesn't death exist before everything? ¿Isn't death born out of life? This work is a continuation of the first album "Illuminate E Aelimitate" which had as its theme contact with the dead from a Western, African and Eastern perspective. On this occasion, this second work has as its main theme the transition from material to astral life when our earthly time ends. For this it was essential to carry out different rituals full of visualizations and gnosis that would allow access to the hidden parts of the astral world where it is allowed because we are still composed of matter and it is impossible for us to access beyond the threshold of mundane death.

With the use of necroglossolalia, bells, kanglins, death whistles and mantras, as well as some sounds taken directly from graves that record small glimpses of a living death. And of course: Bone sounds. A Ritual recommended to those who work without paths or paths in necromancy. Those who attend to their dead, who meditate about death and its mysteries. But above all, those who understand that worldly death is not the end of anything. Only those who can feel it can understand it.


1 Introductio Ad Abyssum, Illuminationem Et Mortem    5:13
2 Necroglossolalia In Situ    6:41
3 Byung Ba’i Thig Le    7:27
4 Nynan Sa Lam    6:35
5 Rme Lam    10:40
6 Bardo…GNas Gyi Thig Le    7:23

Zazen Sounds

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