H.Ö.H. - Epäjohdonmukainen (Fin), Digipack CD

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HÖH has made its name in presenting some of the most primitive, hand made and strange noise. New album "Epäjohdonmukainen" is perhaps taking project to even more challenging form. The known broken sounds take form of short bursting lofi eruptions. H.Ö.H. works purely with analogue production. These days very rare to receive analogue tape master for album. Recordings that didn't touch computers before digitizing it for CD. To preserve the spirit of material, nothing has been compressed or cleaned up. Utterly decayed and charming sound is perfectly visualized in equally crude design of the digipak cover.


1 Lumous 10:06
2 Kuola 9:44
3 Hapero 9:07
4 Kuume 9:39

Technische Daten

Experimental, Noise