Pubic Eminence - My Private Showgirl, Ltd. 200 (Handnumbered) (Ger), CD

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• Noble Jewelcase Edition
• Ltd. 200, Handnumbered

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One of the best-kept secrets of contemporary Power Electronics presents its first full-length recording. Fans of audial brutality may be acquainted with the former tapes of the vile collective Pubic Eminence, a formation dedicated to creating perverse and harsh Power Electronics in the old vain.

„My Private Showgirl“ shows the group at its peak. Shrill shreaks, fierce vocals, Feedback loops and meditations on perversions and past experiences far beyond erotica expressed through the sonic art that is Power Electronics. Those, who are bored by the safe and stale nowadays Noise, will surely appreciate the mean spirit and genuine spite that can be found in the 8 compositions that make up „My Private Showgirl“. Sonically, one may be reminded of Snuff, older Sutcliffe Jugend and Final Solution.

This first widely publicised onslaught by Pubic Eminence is surely not to be missed. Raw, disturbing and unpolished sermons by crafty but uncivilised fiends, who care not for weak morals and trends. What's not to like? „My Private Showgirl“ will remind the true fanatics of what Power Electronics actually is and should be – pure expression, hatred and sleaze.


1. Intro (Annoying Atmosphere) 00:31
2. Private Showgirl 03:17
3. Teenage Textures 07:13
4. Mature Lessons 05:32
5. Drunken Whore 04:54
6. Lustful Steps 03:23
7. Sammy 03:34
8. Street Meat 03:48

Total 32:15 Minutes

Technische Daten

Power Electronics, Noise