Entartung - Pesta (Ger), CD

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Noble Jewelcase Edition with 4-Page Booklet

Two years after their highly acclaimed opus „Maleficae Arts“, Belgian coven Entartung returns with a brand new EP entitled „Pesta“. In a scene full of fakers and shysters, the three man band, which features members from Rituals of the Dead Hand and Slithering Decay, quickly rose to power with their crafty hymns and dedication to occultism. „Pesta“ encorporated all the elements that made their past records instant classics and even further expands on them.

The two tracks included are definitely Black Metal in its truest and most essential form. The riffing is hypnotic but still menacing and the melancholy and atmosphere may remind some of past Drudkh recordings, only with a more orthodox and dark feel similar to earlier Finnish bands. Despite its crisp and professional production, the matertial on „Pesta“ is still firmly rooted in the tradition of old school Black Metal art with a genuinely occult and majestic feel.

In this quarter of an hour, Entartung prove their skill for complexity, songwriting and atmosphere once again. Highly recommended for any fan of real Black Metal!


1. Digerdöden 06:29
2. Бог покинул вас (God Has Abandoned You) 07:09

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