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Prurient - The Black Post Society (USA), CD

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"The Black Post Society" embraces and accepts the depression of not having anything left to hunt. The mask without a face to hold. The depression of the hunter after the deer is killed. It is better to be hungry than to have eaten. As fantasy shatters under the whip of reality, erotic malaise settles in the nest of the mind inverting this dormant fuel to rekindle the endless cycle of sexual chaos. Black Industrial / Power Noise from this highly respected long-running project of Dominick Fernow (VATICAN SHADOW, COLD CAVE).


1 Specter Of A Child 4:16
2 Forever Hate 7:24
3 Domina Milking 2:09
4 Egyptian Bondage 2:05
5 Rose Comet 8:36
6 Wooden Weapons 7:59
7 Mask Of The Boys 9:46
8 Months Lengthening Into Years 4:25

Cold Spring

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Noise/Power Electronics