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Xysma - Yeah + Above The Mind Of Morbidity + Fata Morgana, 1990 (Fin), CD

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XYSMA was founded in Naantali, Finland, in 1988. The band has been openly granted as the FIRST EVER Grindcore band from Finland. XYSMA released five full lenghts albums and changed style from grindcore death metal in the early days to rock heavy metal. XYSMA is still active today. Cult album ‘YEAH’ is now finally re-issued on LP and CD. 'Yeah' was recorded at the legendary Sunlight Studios with Tomas Skogsberg (Entombed, Dismember, Therion) in Sweden in 1990.  Early Xysma had its roots in the flourishing UK grind scene with bands as Carcass and such. They also incooperated the well know Scandinivian death metal elements and this all resulted in the typical Finish sound.

Bonus to the CD are  the legendary 'Above the Mind of Morbidity' 12'' from early 1990 and the cult e.p. ‘Fata Morgana’ also from early 1990, 21 tracks in total.

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