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V/A - Terässinfonia Vol.2, Digipack CD

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Terässinfonia - Steel Symphony: Sound of Finnish experimental noise.

For 25 years Freak Animal Records has published countless releases by Finnish artists. Activities of label has played part in shaping perception how many people see the Finnish noise and experimental underground. Despite vast amount of releases, label has never given full view that would reveal diversity of expression found among Finnish scene.

After quarter of century of work, Freak Animal aimed to take a task of compilation series under title Terässinfonia. To present Finnish noisy and abstract experimental sound in wider scale. Assumption is, that there would be at least three volumes, if not more. All volumes include many projects unknown for vast majority of people. Series will illuminate that Finland is at this moment experiencing surge of creativity on this field, even if it may happen widely unnoticed.


Nuori Veri ”Jatkumon Ahjo”

Parempi Ratkaisu ”Ali-ihmisten kärsimys”

AMEK MAJ ”Miksei”

Toteslaut ”strike the master sword”

Maskhead  ”Tormented Pleasures”

Vitun Siat ”ole eläin”

YANA ”Tuntematon”

Circle Of Shit ”fake decoupe orgasm”

Ahola & Silander ”Koitos”

Electric Hobo ”Pripyat”

tyhjiø ”aurinko”

Technische Daten

Power Electronics/Noise