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Ain Soph - III (Ita), Digipack 2CD

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This stuff was previously produced by the band only as tape in a very limited edition of just 100 copies & never reissued. This legendary tape was finally re-released into 2 cd's: 1st cd features "ritual 00" which is an endless trancy loop used for a Bhakti Yoga rite which can be used also as background for ritual concentration... 2nd cd is enttitled "the failure of Jesus, visible oscurity, garbage, the city & the death"... for sure the more obscure & rare Ain Soph release! co-produced with Misty Circles...

In questo nastro Ain Soph era Crucifige.

Disco A
compende il "rituale oo".
Esso e' stato utilizzato come base per un rito di Bhakti Yoga.
E' utilizzabile anche come base per concentrazione rituale

Disco B
Il fallimento di Gesu
Oscurita visibile
L'immondizia, la città e la morte

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