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Black Shepherd - United Evil Forces, 1986-1987 (Bel), CD

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The origins of BLACK SHEPHERD go back to a band called BEELZEBUB, formed in 1983. In 1984 they change name to BLACK SHEPHERD. Early 1985, with the addition of bassist Willy Verbelen, the line up was complete at last.  During their demos era BLACK SHEPHERD played with bands as Onslaught, Kreator and Angeldust. In February of 1986 the demo ‘United Evil Forces’ was recorded and released. In 1988 the band signed a deal  with the Punk Etc. and recorded their debut LP ‘Immortal Aggression’. In 1989 the band recorded their final demo, with Yvan taking over the bass duties, as well as singing. BLACK SHEPHERD played their final gig in Zaandijk, Holland on October 1989 and splitted up. All tracks  on this compilation album are restored and remastered at Suncord Audiolab, March 2019.


1. Kill the Priest  
2. Make Love War  
3. Preacher of Death  
4. Lord of Darkness  
5. Animal  
6. Black Shepherd  
7. Kill the Priest (live)  
8. Black Shepherd (live)  
9. Total Supreme (live)  
10. Lord of Darkness (live)  
11. Animal (live)  
12. Another Day to Die (live)  
13. I Am Your Fate (live)  
14. Corpses (live)  
15. Make Love War (live)  
16. Preacher of Death (live)  
17. Evil Revenge (live)

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Death Metal