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Nuclear Death - ...for Our Dead.../All Creatures Great and Eaten, 1992 (USA), CD

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DARK SYMPHONIES announces our continued cooperation with Arizona cult Death metal act NUCLEAR DEATH to reissue the band’s 1992 album “All Creatures Great and Eaten” paired with the band’s “...For Our Dead...” EP. This ultimate CD edition features the original covers and layouts, as well as the classic artwork, band photos and new liner notes by bassist / vocalist LORI BRAVO. 

Additionally, a Japanese-style OBI-Strip will be included. 


1. The Corpse Tree  

2. Days of the Weak  

3. The Third Antichrist  

4. The Church of Evil Minds of Splatterday Saints  

5. Bones of the Lip  

6. The Art of Veins  

7. Mindbleeder  

8. Divine Perversion  

9. Guinea Man  

10. Aunt Farm  

11. A Dark Winter Psalm  

12. All Creatures Great and Eaten

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