Hats Barn - S.h.e.o.l. (Fra), Digipack CD

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This spiritual and ritualistic music evokes the Armenian shamans during an invocation to the 10th totem symbols, the spirit of the goose symbol of the new light as was the case for Lucifer, king of the light...

Lyrics are written in such a way as to use the shamanic force to invoke light, Lucifer, and his apostles demonic... Symbol of the power of darkness beyond the world , propagating the plague and the chaos.


1 Ceremonials Of The Ancients Gods 6:46

2 Purify By Fire 4:10

3 In The Abyss Of Dante 5:27

4 Gehenne 4:39

5 χήνα του Σατανά 5:11

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Dungeon Synth