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Doomster Reich - Drug Magick (Pol), CD

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DOOMSTER REICH is back with their second album called ‘Drug Magick’. Recorded at Radio Lodz concert studio, it pays homage to the raw sound of late 60s/early 70s. Music were recorded live, in one take ! Their hybrid of doom metal, psychedelia and krautrock will take their listeners into hypnotic, drug-fueled trance of Devil worship. The album is a joint release of Old Temple, The End Of Time Records and Aesthetic Death.


1. Gimme Skelter 10:26  

2. Rites of Drug Magick 10:59  

3. Round the Bend Satan 07:11  

4. Meet the Dead 08:55  

5. Chemical Funeral 06:00  

6. Black Earth, Red Sun 12:45  

Total 56:16

Old Temple

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