Temple of Void - Of Terror And The Supernatural (USA), CD

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The kingdom of death/doom is a relatively closed circle, and Temple of Void is on a clear ascendency to seize the throne. Their debut album, "Of Terror and the Supernatural" has been obliterating the underground since it quickly sold out its first pressing, pressed by the band themselves. Joining forces with Shadow Kingdom Records to re-release their album to wider audience in May, Temple of Void is poised to reign death and dooms the world over. Drawing comparisons to titans of death and doom metal like Asphyx, Autopsy, and Hooded Menace, Temple of Void is carving their niche among an elite company of bands. The riffs are bulldozer-like, the vocals are monstrous, and the album was mastered by Tony Hamera from the legendary cult Detroit death metal act, Fatal. The production is often cited as another key element to the sheer power of the debut. But the most heralded aspect of Temple of Void's first album is the quintet's song-writing mastery. All reviewers are floored to hear that this is the release of a brand new band, due to the sheer maturity and chemistry inevitably blasting from their stereo.

1. The Embalmer's Art 06:24 

2. Savage Howl 05:18 

3. Beyond the Ultimate 06:12 

4. Invocation of Demise 07:33 

5. To Carry This Corpse Evermore 03:17    

6. Rot in Solitude 05:30 

7. Exanimate Gaze 05:31 

8. Bargain in Death 10:41 

Total 50:26 

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