Wederganger - Gelderse Drek (Hol), MCD

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Out of nowhere Wederganger appeared with a demo tape that sold out in a blink of an eye, and did a truly stunning first live performance at this years' Veneration Of The Dead Festival. Hence, these revenants crawled out of the Gueldrian dirt once more to team up with Heidens Hart and release the tracks in a one time only, strictly limited physical edition: "Gelderse drek" will be re-unleashed as a CD-single in a traditional maxi-CD jewelcase with the actual disc in three colours: 200 blue, 200 yellow, and 100 blue/yellow/black pieces, all carrying the seal of Wederganger.


1. Gelderse drek 04:22

2. Vlammenvonnis 07:04

Total 11:26


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Black Metal