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The Peruvian Pagan Death Metal Band TUNJUM was an all-female project. It was founded in 2007 with the following line-up: Jumissak “Muert” – Bass and vocals; Kultarr “Sangre Sagrada” – Drums. They were accompanied by the session guitarist Saj “Oscuridad”.

After a few years, the first promotional demo “Muerte Ancestral” was ritually recorded and contained the three mythical chapters: “Battalla Ritual”, “Guerreros del Sacrificio” and “Returno al Origen”. These Songs are inspired by traditional Death Metal and some acts from Death/Doom and Black/Death Metal: DEATH, MASSACRE (USA), DERKETA, TREBLINKA, NOCTURNUS, NIHILIST, GROTESQUE, AUTOPSY, ASPHYX, VON, INSULTER, EXPULSER and GENOCIDIO. Despite all these influences the band always tries to carve out their own originality in rawness and darkness.

This first promo focuses on the Moche-culture in the lyrics and the music. They reigned over eastern Peru from about 100 AD to 800 AD. The listener is drawn into the mythical past with all its ritual offerings that led to battle, capture and death. The Moche-mythology is well based on blood: Sacrificing the blood of a beheaded enemy to the gods strengthened their reign over the world. Also there were many voluntary sacrifices, because the bloodshed was seen as a cleansing of the soul that linked the victim to the ancestors and thus made him holy.

The name TUNJUM is also rooted in the Moche-Language: It is taken from the combined verb for killing and dying. This hallows the ritual of blood and death which was the only way of communicating with the gods; in times when the gods only lusted for blood and war.

Later, Jumissak left the band and was replaced by Tsurr “Guerrera” on guitars and bass. The new line-up was: Tsurr „Guerrera“ (guitar/bass) and Kultarr „Sangre Sagrada“ (drums). „Saj ​​„Oscuridad“ stuck around as the second session-guitarist.

In 2014 a new promo-tape was recorded and self-released. An additional MCD was released by the Mexican label Dark Recollection Productions as a professional production. It was made in the vein of the first two demos: Crude, deadly Metal ov Death with guttural vocals and heavy old-school riffs. Thematically Moche-mythology is the main thing: the lyrics reflect on the people’s fears and humanity’s weaknesses in comparison to the demons of the earth, the sea and the moon. The evil sound directly reaches over from the past.

After line-up changes and signing with Dunkelheit Produktionen in 2017, TUNJUM now want to reach new listeners and drag them down in their deadly vortex of blood, sacrifices and Death Metal… The debut album with the title "Deidades Del Inframundo" was recorded and going to be released on LP, CD and DIGITAL.


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