As Autumn Calls - An Autumn Departure (Can), Tape

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Doom. The very name conjures nightmarish images of dying beauty and bleak graveyards. Ponderous rhythms, guttural bellowing, haunting atmospheres, and crawling tempos define much of the sound of As Autumn Calls.

An Autumn Departure keeps things interesting with a very consistent interplay of melodic, calm passages that are violently interspersed by gales and storms of anguishing brutality.


1. Initium (Intro) 03:44

2. Closer to Death 09:21

3. The Shadows Follow 05:29

4. The Demons Therein 05:11

5. Wither Away 07:08

6. In the Emptiness 05:03

7. Without You 06:43

8. Unearth My Sorrow 06:06

9. Murder (Katatonia cover) 04:55 

10. An Autumn Departure (Outro) 04:30

Total 58:10